Abusive Love
By qveen_leah30
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Nisi Daniels is 16 years old, her dad committed suicide when she was just 8years old, she is the type of person that's a teachers pet,gets straight A's, and is very smart but still is the most popular girl at school, has the perfect boyfriend and being the perfect girl is one of the reasons these girls are jealous of her. Little do they know the only happiness she has is at school. Things happen in that house that no one would even think would happen because of how clean their house is, the smiles on their faces, & no one would actually know what happens behind closed doors. She hasn't opened up to anyone not even her best friend Jada knows. Will she ever open up to anyone or will she keep all this stuff bottled up inside of her? Jordan Roberts is a 16 year old boy who had to grow fast and live the fast life, his dad was shot and killed right in front of him on his 10th birthday. And after his dad's death his grandpa taught him everything he needed to know about the streets because obviously his dad couldn't teach him, and every since that day his dad was shot he's been trying to find the person who killed his but with no luck and he won't stop until he finds that person. Oh and he got a girlfriend, he has never talked to anyone about this will he open up or keep it in?

Sneak Peak of chapter 1

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Abusive L...
by qveen_leah30