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|| Final Draft || I have never seen the world through the rose-tinted glasses of naive innocence. My glasses are a concoction of white and black, it is grey. That is what I read. That is what I learnt. And that is how I viewed people, in shades of grey and never of white and black. Yet, there are things you never read in books, and so you never learn. And when this happens, the foundation of your very life is shaken to the point where you can only pick yourself and the scattered pieces of the glasses you have conditioned yourself to see the world through. NOTE : 1) Previously titled 'TSOU: Her Fate'. 2) All the chapters have been taken down and will remain unavailable for a while as I'm rewriting them. Sorry for the inconvenience. 3) I'm trying my best to finish rewriting the book, so hopefully, will post back all the chapters soon. 4) If you want to read the first version, please head over to my profile and find the first draft. Copyright © Mauli Singh 2019 ©All Rights Reserved

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