Love you (Nouis Lar...
By _Nowhere_Girl
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Louis don't remember anything of how he got here, with four boys who are all different.... There is Harry, the flirt who wants him for just one thing. Liam, the daddy figure who was a prick at first. Zayn, the bad boy who wants things done his way. And Niall, the innocent one who doesn't know how to treat louis. Louis is hurt and doesn't know what to do with being here. But things start to get weird ..... Louis likes how harry trys to get in his pants... Louis likes how protective liam is... Louis likes how zayn passes off as being bad... Louis likes how innocent Niall is... Louis likes all of his that wrong? Who will he choose?!?! FINISHED!!!!! NEXT PART WILL BE POSTED!!!

louis is kidnapped (nouis, zouis, larry, lilo)

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Love you...
by _Nowhere_Girl