Fighting for the St...
By LaurenDMSmith
  • Fantasy
  • academy
  • action
  • creatures
  • dryad
  • fiction
  • fighting
  • missing
  • power
  • protect
  • satyr
  • school
  • selkie
  • supernatural
  • thunderbird


Fiona feels like she's finally settled into St. Lawrence Academy. The sight of her classmates changing into centaurs, harpies, and merrows doesn't faze her anymore, and she's been careful to use the words Phasms or people. She hasn't forgotten that she's the only human in school and is still hiding it with the help of her friends. But even with a new French teacher, one not trying to suck the power out of the whole school, things aren't going as smooth as Fiona would like to believe. Because not everyone is pleased with the way Mr. Bishara handled things, and as Fiona finds out, not all Phasms are friendly to each other. Things go from bad to worse when the faculty begin to disappear. In the end, Fiona is forced to face the whole school and make a decision: Protect herself or protect her new home. Sequel to Academy for the Strange

Chapter 1: Slow

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by LaurenDMSmith