Enslave (BoyxBoy)
By etheRAYEal
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His piercing eyes. His sexy and husky voice. His perfect built. His sexy back. His broad shoulders. His perfect-toned skin. The way he speaks. The way he stands. The way he acts. The way he smiles. The way he looks at you. The way he whispers your name. You can't resist his charms. You can't defy him. You can't oppose his commands. You can't endure his presence. What is he? A 'Greek God'? No more like a devil. A devil who knows how to play with his words. A devil who is incapable of everything. A devil who made you fell for his traps. A devil who has a dazzling and shining aura. A devil who you can't resist. A devil who has full of surprises. Who am I? Who am I you say? I, Dhane Louise Razzell, being enslaved by the devil. ►♥►|♀ Boy x Boy ♀| ◄♥◄ All Rights Reserved © 2015. ✔ (Tagalog/Taglish BxB Story) █║▌│█│║▌║││▌║█║▌║ - zyrux krey © The story is based on the authors wild imagination. All the names, events, date, stuffs, and other scenery being indicated in this story is purely fictitious. If there are some instances that my story has resemblance on any situation, plot, names or other stuffs that you have deciphered is not deliberated and absolutely a happenstance (coincidence).


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Enslave (...
by etheRAYEal