The Employer
By JSPRomComs
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[Updates Weekly] A NEW age gap, workplace romance. 🔥 Rated R for mature sexual content and graphic language • 18+ Book Two of The Work Series but can be read as a standalone. *** Aspiring chef Celeste Peters is out of options. She needs a job to take care of her family, but lacks the formal education most kitchens want. Yet her luck changes when a job as a personal cook for a wealthy family opens up. Except is it really lucky when you find out the man who's interviewing you is the same sizzling hot stranger you shared some of your dirty secrets with? Marc Nassar needs to do everything he can to provide the best life for his daughters. Owning his own company, practicing law, and being a single dad to twins is no easy feat. He's determined to fill in the missing gap and find a wife that fits the picture perfect bill. Except it's easier said than done - especially when a hot-tempered, gorgeous cook comes crashing in. She's the last person he needs right now - too wild, too young, and too damn tempting.


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