Power of Yore 1: Sp...
By younghand
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A new progression fantasy (with; hopefully a well thought out and deep magic system, and lots of meaningful character growth. Most of it takes place in a magic school setting. Enjoy.) When Enith learns her future's fate: to achieve her dreams and yet never find true fulfillment, she realises she needs a new path. Too bad she doesn't know what she could do differently this time, except maybe try to get much stronger much faster with the help of her knowledge from the future. But her plans of aimlessly wandering around in search of an elusive fulfillment are brought up short when she meets Alexandria Crest, who invites her over to one of the least decorated magic schools in her kingdom. Its not what she expected, but its a deviation from her plans that just might bring her new insights.

Prologue 1

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Power of...
by younghand