RUTHLESS: the saga...
By author_kritikaa
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" In the heart of darkness , love finds its light" VEERANSHU: "In a world where brutality was my currency and compassion a foreign concept, she came like a tempest, shattering the walls around my heart. She showed me that even in the depths of darkness, a flicker of love could ignite a flame of redemption. Through her eyes, I saw the possibility of a different life, where the scars of my past could be healed by the tenderness of her touch." _________________________________________ AMAYA: "I was just a simple girl, unnoticed and unloved in the shadows of life's chaos. Then he came, like a storm in the night, disrupting everything I knew. Despite the danger he carried, I found solace in his embrace, and in his eyes, I discovered a love I never thought possible. He showed me that even the most broken souls are worthy of love, and in loving him, I found the strength to heal my own shattered heart." _________________________________________ Author's note: "In the tapestry of fate, their paths intertwined, weaving a story of love born from the most unlikely of circumstances. Their love defied expectations, challenging the norms of their world and proving that even the most hardened hearts can be softened by the gentle touch of affection. In each other's arms, they found refuge from the storms of life, a sanctuary where their love could flourish against all odds." **********


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by author_kritikaa