The Rejected |Taeko...
By myleskv
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TAEKOOK. Kim Taehyung is a male omega whose beauty has no equal but that doesn't hinder his fated mate to reject him when they've come of age to recognize that they're mates. The reason, Taehyung carries the mark of a barren tree which signifies infertility rendering him useless as a mate for their next head alpha who needs an heir to continue their bloodline. Jeon Jungkook is supposed to be an alpha, the heir of their pack, but his father is grooming his younger alpha brother instead of him. The reason, Jungkook's alpha is dormant making him impossible to shift nor to recognize his fated mate. Both are shunned and looked down upon by their pack mates. What will happen when their parents arrange their marriage for their own selfish gain? •Traditional a/b/o •Topkook •Bottomtae •Mpreg •Alpha Jungkook •Omega Taehyung •Angst with happy ending 🪷This is my original story. Please don't repost, copy or translate any part of this book.

Chapter 1🪷

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The Rejec...
by myleskv