Two Hearts of The S...
By thais-v
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The Earth is lost to mankind. Its people are oblivious for the environment outside the remaining cities, Raven being one of them. But when destiny meets her, she finds not only that her home is doomed, but also that it is not, indeed, her true home. Pandora, being kept hidden from the common folk on Earth, becomes her new home. But she finds out that in the "better world" not everything is as perfect as it seems. Trying to find out her connection with this mystical new planet, Raven finds herself in difficult situations, facing dangers she'd never dreamt of and making most peculiar friends; all the events leading her to her one true destiny and finding out who she really is. *~*~* Inspired by James Cameron's Avatar this is a sort of a continuation of the story. As you might notice through out my story, some facts may differ from that of the original Avatar lore. I'm doing this to narrate the story into my own direction and give it a notch of my writing style and my own imagination. However, I do use a lot of the basis from the movie and also from the Avatar wiki. Most of the characters are my own, though there are also some from the original story. Names of some of the places may be changed and there might be some new things added.

The Only Beautiful Thing In This World

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Two Heart...
by thais-v