Public Relations
By Vivhouse
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[Updates Saturdays 10am EDT] [18+] Two best friends. Six weeks. One final shot at love. Since college, Maisie and August have been best friends -frustratingly, perfectly platonic best friends. For nine long years, Maisie has secretly harbored feelings that their relationship could be something more. During that time, Maisie Rhodes has skyrocketed to stardom as a pop sensation, earning the title of "Pop Princess" from her devoted Rhodie fans. When she hints on The Tonight Show that her love songs are inspired by someone close to her, speculation runs wild. To throw everyone off the scent and protect her true feelings towards her best friend, Maisie's manager devises a plan: fake a relationship with August. Miraculously, August agrees, and now Maisie faces the challenge of dating her best friend for the next six weeks, all while tiptoeing around the unspoken truth that has always lingered between their seemingly perfect relationship. What could possibly go wrong?


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by Vivhouse