Lauren/You - Just A...
By KatyJauregui
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Summary: when you were 16 years old, your sister who was aged 15 was abused by her 20 years old boyfriend. He would beat her down every now and then and he would force himself on her when she didn't want to please him. One day you found out everything and when you question your sister she told you she already took care of it and showed you her blood stained hands. She didn't kill him though. But he was now disabled because of her and couldn't even speak. You realized that she was going to go to jail because there was a high probability that she would have left evidences back at his place. So the next day, without warning, you went to the police station and confessed the assault, taking the blame for your sister. Before you are sent to jail you tell the whole story to your lawyer (Clara Jauregui) and you beg her to take of your sister for you and she agrees to take her and treat her like her own daughter. 2 years later you are freed and Clara decides to welcome you to her place to give you some time to get back on your feet, finish school and all that. And that is to her daughter's, Lauren, displeasure. She doesn't want a murderer under her roof and hates you in the beginning. But soon she will get to know you and realize that she might be falling for who she thinks is a "murderer" but who in fact is JUST AN INNOCENT...


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by KatyJauregui