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By CheathamPatrick
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(For skimmers, an initial skim-over of the section entitled "Influences causing Phrase Shrinkage in Usage of (all) Languages" presents my main analysis as to reasons for this disintegration.) Language augmentations and templates are designed and evolved to be ameliorative of geological-global societal breakdowns of interpersonal conversing and communication viabilities as well as breakdowns of personal cognitive ways and means due to cognitive language partial collapsing, whether my particular selections of ameliorative word/term adjustments are settled into or not. The augmentations and templates are interjected to prompt and promote new limberness to our thinking languages, whether greatly modified and improved upon from my initial augmentations delivered in this text, or whether mine in particular settle into usage, education, and commerce/business operations. The vice grip on our thinking, voicing/hearing, and textual scripting/typing and reading, via English language usage in disintegration and disarray (as with many other languages), is disabling people presently at a very personal level. **No person can copyright the two words "the dog" or the three words "the dog ate..." such that this idea of more than three words to require citation or reference becomes crisp and meaningful. Only trademark can protect just one word, or two words, etc. Copyright is very mild and limited in protections but is presently so prevalently mixed in reputation with the much more protective Trademark and Patent, that many persons could sadly shy away from using my ideas merely out of defaulting to caution concerning invalidly strict erroneous notions of copyright intent and powers. **

Enterjections of English Language usage, for Global gains in Persons' Enjoyments

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