Loving Ellie - #4 I...
By amysturges
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Loving Ellie Ellie Sinclair Matthews has loved Blake Weston as far back as she can remember. He had always been her best friend and protector, like a big brother. But somehow, she wasn't sure exactly when, her feelings of adoration turned into love. Not the kind of love between a brother and sister, but the kind of love a woman feels for a man. Ellie knew deep down Blake was the only man she would ever love. All she had to do was to get him to see her as a woman not as a little sister. All of that changed when she and her cousin were abducted from their train by a ruthless band of outlaws as the two of them were on their way back to Red Valley. Blake Weston was a US Marshall and most days he loved every minute of it. He and his partner John were working undercover in Angel Cooper's gang. The last person he expected to see on the train the Cooper gang was robbing was his childhood best friend, Ellie Matthews. The day continued to go south when Angel himself decided to take Ellie and another girl with them for "entertainment." How was he going to get them out safely? His work wasn't finished but he couldn't risk Ellie's life. And if he could save her from the gang, would be able to save her from him, or did he really want to?

Loving Ellie

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Loving El...
by amysturges