She Kissed the Damn...
By _nevermore_x
  • Werewolf
  • alpha
  • dominant
  • fairy
  • innocent
  • kidnapped
  • lolita
  • mate
  • romance
  • submissive
  • werewolf


Aurora Faye is fragile, just by her name shouts out innocent and sweet. Not to mention she is half fae (fairy) & and a pinch of angel. Her core and soul is the purest amongst any breed. As if she thought of her life was planned out, her life turns for the worst. Stumbles upon her mate, who saves her from vile unfortunate event. But it isn't all sunshine and romance... Never the less her mate was the great Logan Crane, alpha of Lipan; one of the highest pack since the beginning of time. He reeks of power & control, is known to be ruthless, merciless, and deadly. Also was possessive and protective, had no empathy. There wasn't a witch, vampire, or wolf who hadn't heard of Alpha Crane... all but little Aurora. Poor thing, been sheltered her whole life, being forced to live with this hallow soul of a person. But he isn't the only species that want to claim Aurora Faye as his, towards her journey that she never that she would come upon, certain things from her past begin to unravel. Giving her a choice..... Terrified by her very own mate, can she truly love him or try to leave? But once Logan claimed her as his, there is no escaping. Logan Crane always gets what he wants, and he wants Aurora

Chapter 1

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She Kisse...
by _nevermore_x