The Footman and the...
By temalaya
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There once was a man with a hateful heart and an angry face. He rarely smiled or laughed, and when he did, it was almost always at someone else's expense. No one really liked him, except for a select few, and even then they didn't stay for long. This man was also a footman at the Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey, and his name was Thomas Barrow. There once was a girl, innocent, kind, but also afraid and scared. She smiled and laughed almost too much because she was afraid that if she didn't, everyone would hate her. Many people liked her, but they didn't stay for long. This girl was a new servant at the Yorkshire country estate of Downton Abbey, and her name was Melody Burnam. They both had no family and no possessions. One was too cocky while the other too shy and sweet. And most importantly, they both worked at the Downton Abbey estate. Drama would soon pursue.

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The Footm...
by temalaya