Gallagher and Pan
By ShaeMonty
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Harper Gallagher is the shyest Gallagher sibling but also the best friend of Mickey Milkovich. When Emma Swan was sent to the real world as a baby she was adopted by Frank and Monica Gallagher. She was referred as Fiona's twin to others outside the family. Emma and Harper have the best relationship out of all the siblings. But when Emma is in New York she is found by her son, Henry. Her family hasn't heard from her for about several years. But when she shows up on the Gallagher doorstep with Henry she asks for help. "Emma?" Debbie asks when she sees her adopted sister. "Hi, Debs." Emma says before the small group hears footsteps running down the stairs to reveal the rest of the Gallagher siblings except Fiona. Harper was the last down the stairs and stared at her adopted sister in shock. "Hi, Harps." Emma says with a small smile.

Harper Gallagher

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by ShaeMonty