Next Door To The Pl...
By QuietTeardrops
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THIS IS THE OLD VERSION OF NDTTP. IT IS UNFINISHED AND UNEDITED. IF YOU WANT TO READ SHAYLEE AND XAVIER'S ADVENTURE; THE NEW REWRITTEN VERSION IS RECOMMENDED. "Mother please tell me you're joking!?" I asked her as panic started to rise within me. She shook her head and laughed "Oh darling don't be silly! Of course I'm not, you heard me correctly the East family is moving back aren't you excited?!" she cried happily and giving me a bone crushing hug. I gaped like a fish and just stared not even attempting to hug her back. Shaylee Love's life get's turned upside down when she finds her childhood enemy has moved back to town, and what's worse is that he lives right next door. Of course Shaylee is now stricken with worry. Four years can really change a person and she has no idea what Xavier is like now. Shaylee has no idea how she is going to survive now! What's worse is that he's grown into a player and unknown to Shaylee but she's his next target! But maybe she's just being over dramatic? Maybe the bad boy from her childhood has grown up, and who is this other new guy? What role does he play in all of this? Secrets are revealed and as things begin to unfold Shaylee realizes there's much more going on than Xavier let's on and she's not sure of she can handle it all. Follow Shaylee as she fights her way through the drama of having her bad boy back. © All Rights Reserved. QuietTeardrops 2012.

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Next Door...
by QuietTeardrops