Vampire Knight: If...
By BloodDollRaven
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This won't be entirely like the actual manga. I'll try to make it as close to it, but it won't actually be the exact manga. After all this is a fan fic. Vampire Knight characters and manga belong to Matsuri Hino and a few other characters will belong to me. Yuki and Alondra have no memories of who they once were. The incident happened ten years ago. Yuki was five then and Alondra was four. Both girls were rescued by Kaname Kuran and taken to Cross Academy to be brought under the care of Kaien Cross. Ten years later both girls are students in Cross Academy along with their other friend vampire hunter, Zero Kiryu. All three of them guarding the secret of the night class. . . the secret of them being all vampires. All along the way finding answers to secrets of the past. Their pasts. Those secrets may just break the young girls taking down those they love with them. (Starter and completed: 2013- Nov. 2013) (Editing: Oct. 12, 2019- Oct. 19, 2019)


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Vampire K...
by BloodDollRaven