Blessed and bound.
By DiamondTucker
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"What is it like to have one foot in either world but no where to call yours?" ~Lotus~ To her the question sounded like"what's it like to be gifted but feel like nothing special?" Noni is a lost girl rushing towards adult hood while trying to put together the pieces of her past. She has a long way to go before her questions are answered and the missing are found. But first she must over come her lack of belief in herself. This is my first published novel. I'm trying something different. My work is supernatural as well as urban and current. I feel like there's a certain demographic that isn't represented as thoughtfully as I know it can and one day will be. "Just because we're magical doesn't mean we are not real." ~ Jesse Williams~ There is so much mystasism and wonder right here in America hiding in plain sight. I would appreciate any feed back to make the" story come to life #NolaBaby. I will try to post often. This book contains sexual situations mild drug use and violence. ."Everything in this book is true but the lies." ~Cali Thank you for reading.. enjoy💚

Headed, who knows where?

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Blessed a...
by DiamondTucker