Through the differe...
By empirestonefield
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*Slow Updates* Emma's life is amazing, she's a millionaire, she has a good boyfriend, great friends and siblings. Her parents travel a lot, but it's not a problem to her. Her cousin Daniel and his friend Andrew, came from England to New York to finish the high school and they'll stay at Emma's house. In first place, Andrew and Emma liked each other, but then, they started to fight a lot. They're so different. Emma is nerd but popular, she hates parties and noises. Andrew gets good grades, he loves parties, basketball and play guitar. Will they fight and hate each other forever?Or they don't even hate each other just the fact that they're so different. Their differences destroy them. It's just read to figure out.

Chapter 1- Meeting Mr. Jerk

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Through t...
by empirestonefield