Empath (The Secret...
By SarahandVictoria
  • Fantasy
  • ghosts
  • lgbt
  • newadult
  • nonteen
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • urbanfantasy


Artemis Rhodes had been working a shift at her minimum-wage waitressing job when two unfairly attractive patrons handed her a flyer inscribed with only a phone number. They told her a better job awaited her, and they left a generous tip. A promise. An English degree and school debt equivalent to half a house haunted Artemis more than any real ghost she’d never seen. After all, as an over-qualified waitress with her rented room in the city, alone, watching Netflix, ghosts were rarely a problem, but bills were downright damning. At least, until she dialed the number and spoke to Michelle, an owner of two businesses: ghost-hunting, and The Secret Hotel, an upscale companion service that catered privately to actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, and anyone with money. The two men Artemis served were not only part of the ghost-hunting team, but also companions. The job of Michelle’s personal assistant would end the fear of bills, but bring the supernatural into her life like never before, beginning with an illegally kept ghost named Skylar who protected the companions from ill-mannered clientele. As an Empath, every sound and every glimpse of naked flesh, even the sensation of lust in the air, consumes her. But she can also connect with ghosts and become a prime member of the hunting team. She has a chance to conquer her fears of the world, of herself, and to let others conquer her in ways she never knew she wanted—as long as they survive their ghost-hunting missions. (For ages 18+. Contains mature content.) ♦ Completed! ♦ [Copyright © 2015 Sarah Godfrey & Victoria DeRubeis] Check back on our Tumblr for updates on the sequel: http://sarahandvictoria.tumblr.com/ Or just check out our Secret Hotel tag for other art and things: http://sarahandvictoria.tumblr.com/tagged/the+secret+hotel Also, check out the super sweet swag store where you can get original art on fancy things like mugs and bags and shirts: http://www.redbubble.com/people/sandv

Chapter One

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Empath (T...
by SarahandVictoria