You Complete Me
By author_kritikaa
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When a passinate girl fall in love with a playboy.. Rudra sinha: I was in relationships with many girls, never loving them. Eventually, I found myself merely passing time with them, trying to forget the pain within me. However, when I saw her, she made me realize what true love is. She comforts me, and I feel secure, when she hugs me. It makes me feel that there's someone who cares for me too. I found my forever in her. I'm not going to loose her ever. ********** Aarohi singh: I was always passionate about my future, about my dreams. Falling in love was not in my top 100 priorities. However, I also felt like no one could love me. But he makes me realize that I am special too because he makes me feel special. The way he cares for me, the way he loves me, I fall for him. _________________________________________ TROOPS 》playboy and a passinate girl 》Frenemies to lovers 》Love triangle 》 possessive and jeolous boy 》grumpy-sunshine 》 he fell first and harder 》 opposites attracts 》teenage love ************


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You Compl...
by author_kritikaa