Our Heavenly love:...
By Suruchieee
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Shreya: Your love made me feel like heaven... Shreya sharma a 22 years old girl who live with her grandparents and a MBA student in final year.Rohit singhania a 24 year old boy who engaged with his family business Singhania empire he is younger child in his family he live in joint family. They both meet in a destination wedding in udaipur. Shreya has a past story about her parents separation and her father left her because of his second wife and he didn't like her because of her mother. , her mother also refuse to taken her but after all this.she's very extrovert , talkative and bubble type girl and hide her pain.Rohit is less talkative boy , caring, have some anger issues,hot,possessive type boy . when they both meet eachother Rohit fall in love with Shreya at first sight when he saw her in white suit . and then they started their friendship and both have started feelings for eachother ......

Chapter 1 : First look

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Our Heave...
by Suruchieee