Love Mystery (KhaoF...
By Afrojarose16
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"Sshh, Will you be my boyfriend?" He tiptoed and whispered into my ear. I immediately brushed his finger off of my mouth, "Hey, that was supposed to be my line!" He brushed the hair off of my forehead and replied, "If you thought I'd let you ask first, you were very wrong." He smiled. "After all, you are my cutie pie!" He continued and pinched my cheek. "I am a guy!" I replied. "So what? Guys can't be cute?" He squinted his eyebrows, giving a teasy smile. "It's okay, babe. Love is love." He said and brushed my hair. My cheeks instantly gained colour after I heard him call me 'babe'. It's the first time someone had called me that. "You're blushing, babe? I think I should go now, First. I've got some business to finish. Take care." He pinched my cheek and left me hanging, smiling there like an idiot. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . As a full time detective, Khaotung gets a case of a series of murderers and thieves stirring in the city. He gets to the place of investigation and that's where he meets First, a bar owner of the area. After many investigations, the clues all come together to First. He is fishy. But in the meantime, Khao had already fell for First's charms. Will he be able to trust First or will he confront him about the case?? Does Khao have faith in his lover? is the leader of the group really First? stay tuned to find out (P.s. this story has nothing to do with FirstKhao's actual series. I just imagined them as the characters when I wrote the story.) Warning: the story is not rated mature but it has mentions of rape, murders and violence. So read at your own risk.


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Love Myst...
by Afrojarose16