My first ever crush
By loveintheairsi
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Samira , when develops a huge crush on her senior Aahan , things don't go her way; will her life change? or this crush ends just like how most people's first crush ends. Samira Agarwal - intelligent, multi talented, simple and sensible girl : - I was in class 6 when I officially met him and boom, he's always in my thoughts , my eyes are always searching for him, I am always searching for a way to get out of my class so that I can maybe see him, I wish that somehow any of my teachers would send me to his class for ANYTHING. But what about him, does he also feel the same or Am I delulu. Aahan Chopra - Cool, introverted, sunshine and smart guy. : - she's my junior, she's beautiful, she's charming, but she's offlimit too. I fell for her the moment I saw her , and destiny made us meet each other , her smile is so beautiful, and when I tease her, her face turns into a cute scowl. oh god I love this girl. But What about the promise I made to samira's sister? Can anything happen between me and her? This is a RomCom, the young teenager romance you'll fall in love with. Tropes:- ✿ Sunshine couple ✾ School/college romance ✿ old school romance ✾ Love at first sight ✿ MMC is whipped ✾ No cheating trope ✿ Young love


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My first...
by loveintheairsi