Vanya : a sinful pu...
By Sparkle_heart_122
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Book 1 of 'Soul Series ' Raped woman Rude Ceo × Sunshine girl Revenge marriage Marriage of convenience Replaced groom Traumatic past She fell first, but he fell harder Royal book . . . . . . Vanya Chaturvedi, a girl living a peaceful life, faced a devastating incident when she was raped by three men. Afterward, she decided to leave her town and move to Rajasthan for a fresh start. . Rajveer Agnivanshi, a man with a mysterious past and a traumatic history, holds his family dear and prioritizes his work above all else. . One day, when Vanya's groom discovered that she had been raped, he not only insulted her but also her family. Rajveer Agnivanshi happened to be present and took a bold step by marrying her instead of the original groom. But the question remains: Did he marry her out of revenge or because he truly loves her?


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Vanya : a...
by Sparkle_heart_122