Human [Harry Styles]
By TheCrazySide
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“Not everyone can be a hero. Sometimes, we forget that we're only human." Marley has made mistakes, one mistake in particular that changed the way everyone views her, and more importantly, the way she views herself. She’s now known as a coward, a monster, the scum of the earth, all over the world and she can only watch as everyone turns their back on her. Harry has made mistakes, one’s that have also changed the world’s view of him, and inevitably his view of himself. He’s now known as a player, a man-whore, a delinquent more than a pop star, and he feels his perfect world crumbling down around him. Both Marley and Harry know what it’s like for the world to turn against you. They know what it’s like to receive hate from every corner, and reach the absolute low. And who knows, they might’ve done something irrational and drastic because of it, if it weren’t for a chance encounter in a quaint bookstore. Whether it be themselves, their friends, or the world entirely, these two have to get someone to realize that they can’t be perfect. They can only be human. Copyright © 2013, TheCrazySide on Wattpad. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Humans in the Spotlight.

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Human [Ha...
by TheCrazySide