The Princess and th...
By InkBottle
  • Romance
  • arranged
  • bandit
  • castle
  • kingdom
  • knight
  • marriage
  • medieval
  • prince
  • princess
  • romance


"Behind every great man is a far greater woman" -- " Unknown Holly Barnersworth finds herself in the unfortunate position afforded her by her lineage. That is to say, she has been engaged to a boy named Connor of Clockman since she was able to walk. The time has finally come, and the family must cash in their final playing piece: Her. When Holly arrives in the well-renowned city of Clockman, however, she finds that everything is not quite as it seems. There is a bandit running amok in the village, and the king has him in first position on his kill list. However, the bandit continues to elude the oddly incompetent guards, and Holly's own husband. Join Holly on her journey as she marries a blond knucklehead, tracks down another, avoids a crazy king, befriends her maid, rides horses like a man, and bests princes in swordfights; and, ultimately, learns that her voice does not have to be the one shouting commandments from a tower, but rather one that whispers in the ears of others.

Chapter 1

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The Princ...
by InkBottle