A Shot of Reality [...
By BellaKramer
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[COMPLETE] Sydney and Harry. Harry and Sydney. You could not simply say one and not add the other after. They're the best of friends, and have been that way for ten years. Throughout the years, they always vowed to one another to stay like that forever, even through the most trying of times. And yet, Harry feels something achingly more for his female companion. Something burning, something foreign, something both incredibly wonderful and confusing; a four lettered "something." But when the unimaginable happens to Sydney, something beyond the slightest fathom; will their decade together turn into eleven years, or will their friendship wither into something far beyond their vows? "Something else besides her spirit was broken that night, Harry. I think you know exactly what it is too." All Rights Reserved 2013 © BellaKramer

I. Storm

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A Shot of...
by BellaKramer