The heartthrob was...
By Demens88c
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  • modern
  • shouprotagonist
  • transmigration


When Yu Ran woke up, he found that he had become the heartthrob protagonist in a forced novel. His little girl likes him and wants to break his legs and lock him in a dark room to become his own canary; His butler's son has a crush on him and wants to drug him to make himself his; His mortal enemy loves him and wants to bankrupt his family so that he can become dependent on him. Yu Ran: I can't afford this love, so say goodbye! At the banquet, seeing these people looking at him more and more strangely, Yu Ran took Yin Yan's arm and said with affection, "I like him, and I must have him in this life." In the book, Yin Yan is a villain with a sinister personality who no one dares to mess with. The key is that he doesn't like himself from the beginning to the end! Looking at Yin Yan's gloomy face, Yu Ran felt safe... Later, when his back and legs were weak and Yin Yan forced him to call her husband over and over again, he realized that he was really stupid, really... NOT MINE MTL (no editing) NO VOTING

Chapter 1

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The heart...
by Demens88c