Mixed Signals
By Vivhouse
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ON HOLD - Ellis Sutton, the sweet and caring Instagram influencer, has never felt the need to be romantically involved with a man despite her online fame. Everything seems fine until a two-week fling one summer when a handsome cowboy shakes things up. Thoughts of him won't leave her mind, and the growing pressure from her massive Instagram following is starting to take a toll on her. Rhett Lawson, a true cowboy and part owner of the rugged Diamond Creek Ranch, a cattle ranch and lodging haven, is facing financial woes. In a desperate bid to rescue their family legacy, Rhett's sister hatches a plan - bring in the famed Instagram sensation, Ellis Sutton. The hope? That her massive following could breathe new life into the struggling ranch. However, the plan takes an unexpected twist when Rhett realizes that the same Instagram sensation his sister has invited is none other than Ellie - the two-week fling etched in his memory for over a year. He had no idea that the sweet and sexy woman he met at that bar that summer was actually a global phenomenon: social media influencer Ellis Sutton.


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Mixed Sig...
by Vivhouse