Spirit of Fire [ Lo...
By Silmarilz1701
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The Dunedain are sworn to serve and protect the heir of Isildur. But for one, dreams of a shining jewel and violent waves sometimes get in the way. *** Full rewrite of my 2014 fanfic The Other Ranger! Happy 10th Anniversary! *** Míril has patrolled the lands of Eriador in service of her chieftain Aragorn for decades. Raised by Halbarad, his second in command, she is no stranger to the forces of evil. When word reaches Míril that Gandalf has gone missing and Black Riders have attacked the Prancing Pony, she acts once again in service of her chieftain alongside long time friends, Elladan and Elrohir. Or maybe one is more than a friend? But nightmares of a deep ocean, blood on golden sands, and a shining white jewel begin to plague her sleep, causing the Wise in Middle Earth to fear the fiery blood running through her veins can no longer stay hidden. Neither from Sauron, nor from Míril herself. FËANORIEL CHRONICLES book 1


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Spirit of...
by Silmarilz1701