From Here On After
By halfbakedwriter
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Hale is reckless. Gracie wants safety. And it seems that they're the most unlikely pair. . . until they are offered a deal they can't refuse. * * * Hale Salvador wants nothing but to secure the ownership of their lifelong assets that were taken away from them, even if that means entering a deal he doesn't like and a commitment he isn't ready for. Graciela Alvarez is looking to establish a stable business to finally prove to her father that she can stand on her own, and it requires money-money that she currently doesn't have. But first, she would have to agree to a union that might make or break her. Will the same deal offer the one thing they both want or will it just serve as another shackle? * * * FROM HERE ON AFTER halfbakedwriter © 2024

From Here On After

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