The World Of Surviv...
By Lucathy4life
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<Hiiiic! P,please come to this world, sir...... I am weak and need your help......> <I sincerely hope that you come to this world, Cale Henituse.> Two worlds called him at the same time. Cale lamented about his lack of rest but chose one of them anyway. The world to offer him more benefits would win, after all. ***** Kim dokja looked at the fluttering red hair and recalled the line written in The Ways Of Survival. <The ethereal sunset-like red hair, that carried the warmth of a relaxed evening and the heat of the scorching flames, fluttered in the air as he descended onto the ground. His reddish brown eyes were cold and impenetrable- like a void, his lips were curved upward slightly with blood trickling down his mouth.> The character who could slap Yoo Jonghyuk more than thrice with his beauty and twice with his wit, had finally appeared. ************** Spoilers from part 2 of TCF!

Chapter-1 A proposal.

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The World...
by Lucathy4life