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[ DIABOLIK LOVERS WATTYS 2016 WINNER: ONE-SHOTS CATEGORY ] Do you have those moments where you imagine yourself going lovey-dovey with your favorite vampire? Do you want to bring those thoughts with those twelve diabolic baka's come to life? Well, I'm not your fairy godmother. I can't bring anything to life. XD Anyway, if you searched for something like this, you must be very dedicated over fantasizing the life with these idiotic hot guys. Well, let me tell you this: " Welcome to DiaHell, sister. You are one of us now. THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. " ♥ A book of fantasies that came from Wonderland. This oneshotXscenario book is all you need to suffice your everyday living as a Diabolik Lovers fangirl ♥ Enjoy~♥ Credits to @BalladPhoenix for the awesome cover. ♥♥ Diabolik Lovers and other brands to be mentioned here are not mine. © rizuliloquy 04.04.15 , completed 12.29.16 || n o t e || : Please do not steal my own characters, my ideas/plot or my story itself. Stealing is a crime and therefore should not be committed. Karma is a bitch, I tell you that. Uses female pronouns.

Welcome to DiaHell!

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by rizuliloquy