When Worlds Collide...
By Lillana45897
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"Bella, we have a second child, a human one. What should we do with it?" Edward asked Bella. "Get rid of it Rosalie, she isn't Edwards daughter, she is a demigod but I don't know her father. Or you can have it if you want." Bella said to Rosalie. Rosalie looked disgusted at Bella's decision to get rid of the beautiful baby girl, even though she was a demigod. "Rose and I will raise her. But we'll be moving, where she will never have to meet the monstrosity's that are her birth-parents. The one's who didn't care about her because she's human/demigod. Goodbye people we love. We'll contact you when we have a chance. We love you." Emmett said and then Rosalie and Emmett packed and left America. They moved to London because Rosalie was a witch and Emmett was a wizard and their friends from Hogwarts lived there. Their friends names were James and Lily Potter. Emmett and Rosalie named their daughter Liana Quinn Cullen. When the Potters died, the Cullen's took their son, Harry in.

Chapter 1/Preview

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When Worl...
by Lillana45897