If You Could Only S...
By meclayton2016
  • Romance
  • alpha
  • brothers
  • bully
  • college
  • rich
  • youngadult


What happens when all your well-crafted plans fall apart? The fight of your life. Mason With the backing of a wealthy family, Mason Buchanan has never wanted for anything. Born into a life of privilege, he was getting the best education money could buy, so that he could follow in his father's footsteps and run Buchanan Industries. With money, power, prestige, and the good looks to go with it all, Mason is the complete package. Except, he's really not. Shane With nothing but sole determination on her side, Shane Slaughter is used to carving out her own path in life. A product of foster care, Shane learned at a very early age that the only person she can count on is herself. With the support of her last foster parents, hard work, good grades, and a scholarship as her saving grace, Shane is just about ready for anything. Expect, she's not as ready as she thinks. When money and pride collide... When Mason's grey eyes collide with a hazel gaze that shakes him to his core, his world is changed forever. Biding his time, he forms a plan that is sure to succeed. However, three years later, he's forced to show his hand, and nothing is going to stop him from making Shane his. When Shane gets into Blaineview College, it is everything she expected it to be, except for one thing; Mason Buchanan. She can't forget the first time she ever saw him or the way he made her feel. Three years later, those grey eyes still send shivers down her spine, and not in a good way. As their worlds finally come crashing together, their connection is stronger and deeper than either of them could have anticipated. It's the real thing. So, what happens when Mason is told that he can't have Shane, after all? Everything...everything is what happens. NOTE: This book contains adult language, adult situations, explicit sexual encounters, sexual assault, and violence. If sensitive to any of the aforementioned issues, please do not purchase.

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If You Co...
by meclayton2016