Just a one night st...
By Devilsmom
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COMPLETED Cole Haynes is one of the most successful businessman in L.A. His job is very important to him and he tries really hard to separate business and personal life. Keyword: Tries. Meet Mia Hampshire. A young, beautiful secretary, who just recently discovered she would have to work for Cole Haynes. And the change from Peter Montgomery, her old boss who suddenly passed away, to Mister Haynes is not easy. God knows she's dealing with so much more problems, than just this. But Mia is strong, stronger than she thought. That's what Mister Haynes thinks. And after he discovers her secret, he might as well just help her finding her strength again. ***There is one sexual scene in this book. It's the mature chapter and for those who aren't into that, please skip. You're not missing out on anything. This chapter was made for the people who knew the book from the beginning. This book was more of an adult novel until I decided to rewrite it, so that it actually has a plot.***

The one night stand

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Just a on...
by Devilsmom