Forever Alone // Ca...
By Lau-ren-tia
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| Book One of the 'Forever' trilogy | ~•~ "I'm like a grenade, Carl. I'll explode one day and I'll take everything and everyone down with me. I cause trouble, hell, I am trouble, and I don't want you to fall because of my temper or my stupid need to put myself as risk to save everyone else." ~•~ A broken world brought them together. Two kids with much to learn, much to see and much to experience. They grew together, and in turn, shaped eachother. It began as an average story, a small piece of what turned out to be an extraordinary life. It was never going to be a happy story, it was going to have ups and even harder falls. They grew together, they became different people and left behind their childhood. She had a shattered soul, and him, a hardened heart. She was going to become what she was destined to be; A Leader. He was going to stand by her side and fight for what he loved; A Warrior. There was much to face before they saw that future. Many scars, tears and losses to endure before they saw that light. So their story began like most others; A girl met a boy. ~•~ Completed : 16th August 2015 Sequel : Forever Unfinished ~•~ *Warning* ~ Contains violence~ All the characters are of the Walking Dead cast and a few of my own. All their rights and settings used go to the Walking Dead team. I do not follow the storyline but some settings and character plots may be used.

- Forever Alone -

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Forever A...
by Lau-ren-tia