Two Hearts (harry s...
By blackandwhite1989
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Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles met again after six years of not seeing each other. Louis was his mentor back in Doncaster UK, he taught him to play the guitar and as well as the piano. But one night of confession that let Louis to pushed Harry away. After all these years they live their lives in separate world, but its about to change when Harry's band 'One Lane' is signed up in Louis' and Liam Payne's recording company 'Stripes Records.' Unexpectedly events occurred when Harry's girlfriend Kathy visits them in Los Angeles. All these years he hated the person that was making Harry happy, but he can't deny the sparks he feels every time he locked his eyes to hers. ******* AUTHOR'S NOTE This is my first Fan Fic story every and I am currently editing it. Just be mindful there this is probably a lot of grammatical errors and also this is an original story with the One Direction boys tinge. H A P P Y R E A D I N G © 2015 @blackandwhite1989

We Meet Again Harold.

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Two Heart...
by blackandwhite1989