My Devoted Demons
By percabethiansrise
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"Um, hi," I say, my voice quivering under their gazes. "Hello, little one," the leader -- Caspian -- says. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun, don't you?" ~~~~~ When Gwendolyn Sage waltzed into Whitmore Academy, she didn't expect her dorm to be placed next to the bad boys of the school. After escaping an abusive home, she hopes to refresh and reform her life by living at the academy and staying under the radar, but Caspian Thorn, Atlas Montgomery, and Roman Whitmore throw a wrench in her plan. ~~~~~ !!WARNING!! This is reverse harem (FMC ends up with 3 men) and a standalone. Also: this is not paranormal - the term "demons" is used in a purely figurative way. all chapters with mature content will be marked with an asterisk (*). This story will be marked as mature when I mark it as complete. Updates 1-3x/week :) Started: January 7, 2024 Projected ending: May 14, 2024

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Whitmore

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My Devote...
by percabethiansrise