A Day of Faces
By SimonKJones
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  • sciencefiction
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  • teen
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  • wattys2016
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A coming-of-age story about a snake girl called Kay and her shape-shifting friend who accidentally uncover a conspiracy and wind up changing the world. ***** Kay is a sarcastic, ordinary high school girl who enjoys her weekends and doesn't think much about anything. Kay is also a green-skinned, reptilian-human variant. In her world, all children born on any given day look the same, all over the world. Nobody knows why. There are extreme mutations: tentacles, wings, fur, horns, and abilities to leap tall buildings or breathe fire. That's just how it's always been and Kay thinks nothing of it, until she meets Cal: a shape-shifter who is on the run and needs her help to uncover what's really going on. Wattys 2016 winner: Trailblazers category "This book is Jumper. . meets terminator... meets...twilight zone." shadowgirlzzz Content warning: This story includes themes of bullying and prejudice.


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A Day of...
by SimonKJones