Hell of a Pilot
By mavericks_wingman86
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Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell is called back to TopGun, however not for the reason he believed at first. He is called back to be an instructor. Through the challenges, hard times, and confusing situations, Maverick meets one hell of a pilot who has been called back to TopGun to fly this mission. As he first runs into her, he had no clue she was a pilot, however, it all changed when he run into her again, as a student, in his classroom. This pilot is Kiley 'Memphis' Remington, she isn't a big people person, she usually is found working on cars, planes, you name it. However, will that change when her and Maverick become closer than just Captain and Lieutenant? Disclaimer: (There will be MATURE content and AGE GAP! In this Memphis is 35 while Maverick is 50, if you don't like it, I dont suggest reading!) Enjoy :) (I do not own any rights to TopGun or TopGun Maverick nor any of the characters from these)

Chapter 1: A Lot of New

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Hell of a...
by mavericks_wingman86