His Obsession
By A_Selina_k7
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"She thought of herself as a loser... but she didn't know that she was an angel to his world." Coming from Bangladesh, a conservative family to Canada for her additional studies, Selina has always wanted to stay abroad away from her family and start a new life with fresh memories. Tall, open hearted creative minded, Selina Khan wanted to be less stressed, have less drama, wanted to put on less fake smiles for the fake people and at last have less heart breaks. But she wasn't prepared for more drama which waited for her ahead. Tall, dark haired, ambitious, clever, hard as rock, Nicolas Vetrove always had one aim in his life, collect the scums and finish them off. The world knew him as D'yavol. They feared him because of his aggressive actions but she made him feel like he was the most greatest human being alive. But she never knew that she was now his next obsession, his addiction. She wasn't supposed to be his but he claimed her anyways. Unaware of Nicolas' real identity, what happens when Selina gets to know who Nicholas actually is? What will she do when she finds out D'yavol is him? Did she get herself into a devil's game? Will their story come to an end before it actually start working out? . . . . "Say something in Russian." I asked. "Ty svet v moyey t'me." he replied. "What does that mean?" He looked at me and said, "I'm a genius." . . . . "Angel, you have no idea what I want to do with you for looking so perfect." he growled against my ear. "What do you want to do?" I whispered. He pulled me more closer and replied, "YA khochu razrushit' tebya i sdelat' svoyey pryamo seychas." . . . . "If you call yourself useless or other shit, I'll flip you over and spank the shit out of you, printsessa." Enjoy!!


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His Obses...
by A_Selina_k7