My Boyfriend is Luk...
By kaylaaa327
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Taylor is just a typical teenage girl in high school, living in New York. While all her friends are out partying, she sits at home and obsesses over the janoskians, who are Australian YouTube sensations. Taylor's friends all begin getting boyfriends but so Taylor won't be left out, she simply says that Luke Brooks, of the Janoskians, is her boyfriend. She even goes to the extreme of editing pictures of the two of them and creating fake text messages to prove it to her friends. Everything goes fine with Luke being Taylor's make believe boyfriend, until photoshopped pictures and fake texts were put on twitter and reach Luke. At first he believes its just a joke but when he realizes that people are taking it seriously, he has no choice but to travel to New York and confront Taylor.

Chapter 1

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My Boyfri...
by kaylaaa327