Say Cheese (Slow up...
By zeal136
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***Excerpt*** “Fuck you!” I seethed through gritted teeth and glared at him. He scoffed. “You can’t!” “I SURE CAN!” He chuckled and shook his head slowly. “Babe! Of course you can…” He cooed at me. “In fact,” he smirked as he crossed his arms across his chest and leaned on the desk behind him, “I’d love to see you try!” He finished with a smirk. “Asshole!” I muttered. Of course he’d love to see me try! That’s all he ever thinks about! He let out a laugh again and gave me a cheeky look. “You know, I like girls who swear. It’s….” he exhaled and smirked, “…kind of a turn on really.” “Oh is it?!” I feigned a surprised expression. He nodded feverishly and smirked again. I looked at him with a straight face and said, “Then get ready jerk….you’re soon falling in love with me!” *** Stuff’s about to go down between these two office rivals.

Before you begin

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Say Chees...
by zeal136