Rejected To Fate
By Lasophie79
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How'd you feel?, When you're treated like dirt, a liar, an unwanted, a runt...... When you're orphaned by the very ones that haunt you, and then you take it all as your weight? How'd you feel, when it all seems like a lie?, Your life and all?, When you're just punished for a reason unknown?... Will it be despair or fear? Pain or self criticism?...... I don't know, but for was all rage.... I promised me, I'll make them pay, make him pay, feel like the shit they think they're not..... And it all seems to take place, when mysteries unravel, stones turn, lives overtake, and stories awake. Powers uncover, hatred bounds and love vanquishes. You think you're just going to get it all done?, Well think again, cause this world is filled with deception and evil. I began to fight and take, I made them my underlyings. They began to fear me, and I began to haunt them instead. Every thing is reversed when I find out who I really am.....what I really am, and who I can trust......No one....yet. It all began, when I made that promise, and now, I've risen above them all.... All because of a rejection. I turned my fate.... When I met my mate. This is my new destiny, or more so. My Rejection to Fate. And now, I've become something.... They're yet to know. Something, even I don't know.....

Chapter 1

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by Lasophie79