Were-Zombies in Spr...
By CocoNichole
  • Science Fiction
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  • alaska
  • cyborgs
  • darkhumor
  • dystopian
  • freethelgbt
  • futuristic
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  • survival
  • transhuman
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  • zombieapocalypse
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"Welcome to Edgewood" Springtime in Alaska is no joke for survivors Monica "Moe" Kim and Remmy Azizi. Especially when they're with dealing with zombies and not to mention were-zombies. Moe is forced to come to terms with her recent transformation in a world of new people, secrets, and temptations. She hopes that she can learn to adjust with the help of her long lost sister, Trinity, her survival partner, Remmy, a local healer by the name of Forest, as well as the rest of the Edgewood community. Remmy and Moe may have found sanctuary together at Edgewood, but their new environment will drive them to take separate paths. Each will discover their place among the Edgewood inhabitants. Whether this new home becomes a curse or blessing is not yet clear, but if Moe thinks being a were-zombie is her biggest problem, she had better think again. This is Volume 2 of the The Chew Novellas. ******************* Art by HELMUTT http://www.deviantart.com/art/Asian-Elf-178421147 ******************* Copyright © 2015 by Coco Nichole

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