To watch a Troll
By Nagisa_666
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(Set in the beginning of the first Trolls movie, spoilers from the third movie. Branch-centric. Protective BroZone) After Poppy talks to Branch about the awesome party they were going to throw, which ended in the grey troll going back to his bunker, she's suddenly transported to a big and dark room with a big rectangle in the center, other trolls also being transported and freaking out. Then she notices that the other side of the room has random Bergens in it, and the trolls rightfully panic even more. Before a loud and echoing voice interrupts them. Turns out, if they want to go home, then they have to watch Poppy's and Branch's future. Not to mention that for some reason, the old boyband 'Brozone' seems to know who Branch is.

The Start

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To watch...
by Nagisa_666